About me

Pavel Svatoš nezávislý konzultant

Pavel Svatoš

Business Consultant in the Field of Corporate Management and Development

I have 30 years experience in wholesale and retail sales in the Czech Republic i and Slovakia. I have led Business Teams, including independent Projects, and handled many Crisis Situations. I now pass on the Experience gained through this varied Experience and focused work to Sole Traders, small, medium and  mainly Family Businesses.

I mostly help in the following areas:

  • Consultancy in Company and Business Management
  • Assessment of Potential Risks
  • Help with setting up a Strategic Plan, including monitoring Compliance with it
  • Crisis Management (Interim Management)
  • Control (covert) Activities in the Area of the Condition of Stores or the Entire Branch Network, including the Behaviour and Expression of Employees towards Customers, whether and how they comply with the set processes and Company policy (Mystery Shopping)
  • Work on Projects that must remain classified at a certain Level at the Outset
  • Arranging the Sale or Purchase of Companies
I prefer long-term Cooperation, but you can also hire me on a Project basis. Contact me